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Microphone Roundup

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Show Notes

First, we'd like to thank Dueling Analogs for referencing our fourth episode in their Double Entendre comic. Let us know what we can do to return the favor.

List of Microphone Games

(Credit goes to Famicom World for their contributions to our research!)

Controller II Games
Atlantis no Nazo (????????)
Kid Icarus (??????????) (Legend of Light: Palutenta's Mirror)
The Legend of Zelda (??????)
Takeshi's Challenge (???????)
Games with Microphone Peripherals
Karaoke Studio (????????)
The case of Karaoke Studio is actually very interesting. Like the Famicom Microphone, Karaike Studio's microphone attachment could not adequately sense your pitch, so the game was not on par with more current-day offerings such as Karaoke Revolution by Harmonix.

The cartridge adapter contained several of its own songs. Even more interesting than the microphone was that the cartridge adapter accept a proprietary cartridge format made by Bandai for new song selections? Clever, or what.

Bandai was way ahead of the curve on this. It's unfortunate that the hardware was not yet adequate to the task. Karaoke Studio definitely deserves its own segment. Perhaps in Season 2 it will get one.

But, hey, speaking of Season 2...

The Future of Famicom Dojo

The End of Season 1

It's been far too long since Episode 4, a wait we don't intend to repeat again. So we're telling you right now that you'll be seeing Episode 6, and the end of the first season, in just one month right here on Powet.TV. Excited? That's not all.

Stay tuned to the Video Netcast after the new year for more regular (albeit shorter) content until the start of Season 2. We'll have more details for you when Episode 6 goes live.

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