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Minus Worlds

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Show Notes

You might think that the Minus World was one of those hoaxes told to you by your friends, along the lines of how you could do a bunch of arbitrary things to make Luigi or Yoshi playable in Mario 64. "Okay, go to this certain spot, break a couple of bricks... and then jump BACKWARDS or this won't work, okay? What do you mean I sound crazy?"

While it's true the Super Mario Bros. programmers at Nintendo didn't deliberately hide "secret levels" in the game, the Minus World is very real, and this trick a risky works.

In fact, there is an alternate method for performing the "wall walk" that makes entry into the Minus World possible (which we demonstrate in the video), but both rely on a hit detection glitch to perform some sequence breaking. At the time Super Mario Bros. came out, neither of these terms were common in the gamer lexicon. The Minus World may not be the most extravagant game glitch out there, but it was certainly one or the first popularized instances, and a fascinating study in programming techniques of early video game systems.

You probably get the idea of what to expect with the cartridge version, but we didn't present the full scope of the three levels available on the Famicom Disk System. Here are both versions from Sean's SomeOrangeGuy YouTube channel:

Minus World Forever

Minus World: Famicom Disk System Version

A very special thank you to Justin "JewWario" Carmichael for trading in his trademark Wario hat for a Mario costume, and showing us what a live-action endless water world might be like! You can watch his web series "You Can Play This" on his website: YouCanPlayThis.com, as well as watch his "Mario Monologues" that inspired us to reach out to him and film this awesome cameo! Here is one of our favorite episodes below:

Mario Monologues - Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3

Including (very briefly) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Lost Levels"!

(We also hear he's working on a new one, so let him know how much you liked him in this video!)

Information about how the code that makes the Minus World glitch possible can be found at ???:

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