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GameCube Menu Secrets

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Show Notes

This video is an adaptation of a stage should SeanOrange would do at conventions from 2010- 2011, very soon after the menu speedup secret was discovered. The "secrets" by pushing the Z -buttons on the controllers had been well-known nearly since the GameCube launched, but the Famicom Disk System music hidden in the GameCube menu only became publicly known in February of 2010.

This hidden song was first discovered by NinDB forum user "The Great Gatsby" in this thread. He posted a video hoping to prove his assertion.

The video was nice, but hardly definitive proof; it was just a screenshot with tinny-sounding music which could have been generated anywhere. So Sean decided to actually record the full- on music and try it out. The resulting video was only 8 seconds long, but was posted and reposted across the web and the rest of the world until it garnered the hundreds of thousands of hits it has today:

But even though the full story of what was going on was posted in the link description, the comments were FILLED with people who just didn't understand what they were seeing. Some just thought it was a silly dancing cube. Others, who appropriately focused on the music, hazarded wild guesses, including that it was Totaka's Song. (It isn't. THIS is what Totaka's Song sounds like.)

Did people disbelieve Sean when he said it wasn't Totaka's song? Did they just not read? Who knows. But the video continues to grow and attract comments, and incorrect guesses, daily.

In case you want a direct comparison to the original, it runs about 2 and a half minutes long:

Did you know about any of these tricks before? Did you attend any of the live shows at No Brand Con, Geek.Kon, DaishoCon, or elsewhere? Any other secrets you want us to take a look at? Leave a comment below!

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