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Famicom 3D System

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Show Notes

Imagine my surprise when I found out there were 3D games in the 1980s!

Actually, I wasn't all that surprised. I'd picked up a copy of Missile Defense 3D for Sega Master System last year when I was creating my SMS collection, but never plugged it in. I'd talked to people about 3D Hot Rally, but never put two and two together.

Then Vinnk sent me the Famicom 3D System.

It was sort of misnamed -- it's just a peripheral -- but I was amazed that Nintendo had tried to throw its hat into the 3D ring before the Virtual Boy. Not only that, but Sega was doing the same thing at nearly the same time! These things really ARE cyclical, and the '80s really ARE coming back...

Here's some footage of F1 Race, which we HAVE, and would have included in the episode, but it looks like the Disk System needs a little adjusting to read the disk properly (that, or the disk is bad). Fortunately Flashback Vintage Electronics was able to supply us with a copy of 3D Hot Rally. They really are quite similar! The F1 Race I was thinking of came out for Game Boy, and was a top-down 4-player game.

Here is the original:

Find out more about The Immortal, and the superior Apple ][GS http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/immortal-the

Finally, we thought about doing a Dr. Tran parody bit (in 3D!), but decided that would just be too silly:

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