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Twin Famicoms

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Show Notes

First, we'd like to thank Dueling Analogs for referencing our fourth episode in their Double Entendre comic. Let us know what we can do to return the favor.

Twin Famicom Mysteries

Like we mentioned in the video, there are three expansion ports that we know little-to-nothing about.

Expansion Port B: The same port as the one on the Famicom Disk System's oft-mentioned RAM cartridge. This has been mentioned elsewhere as being able to connect to another Famicom to utilize the Twin's Disk System capabilities -- which, aside from being totally redundant, we could not corroborate.

Expansion Ports C-D: These two "ports" are connected to each other via a cable. Removing this cable doesn't seem to have any effect on the operation of the system, although we did not perform completely rigorous testing.

Do you know what these ports do? Let us know at denshimail@famicomdojo.tv. If we can test and confirm your answers, we'll dedicate and entire Denshimail video to you... and the solution!

Famicom Denshimail

After months of searching, we finally have a name for our Mailbag segment!

Let us be the first to congratulate... us... on our successful butchering of the Japanese language. Actually, it wasn't our idea -- the name "Denshimeiru" (?????, or "electronic mail") was actually the suggestion of YouTube user romeoteknik. We just tweaked it a little to be more pronounceable.

So what do you think? If you ABSOLUTELY HATE IT, we still have three weeks to fix it! Until then, send us an email, or make a video response on YouTube asking us your question!

We can't guarantee that every question will be answered (in video form or text replies), nor that they will be answered in the order received. Some questions may very well be part of our planned subjects for Season 2. Please don't feel bad if your question doesn't make it -- we DO read/watch all of them.

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