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Magnificent Beards

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Show Notes

No kidding -- the registration line REALLY was that long! Here's hoping it improves (with the venue) in 2012.

Neither a particularly brave or necessarily comfortable in social situations, I decided I would need a bit of courage and moral support in doing these interviews. Fortuantely, Justin "e;JewWario"e; Carmichael was quite happy to assist. I'm pretty sure this video couldn't have been done without him!

(Wait, is that credit, or is it blame? Hard to say.)

The most remarkable thing about these guys, apart from their impressive beards was not only their willingness to play along, but their absolutely fantastic off-the-cuff remarks! A lot of each interview went on the cutting room floor, but all the best parts remained, and left me honestly stumped for what to say from time to time.

The "e;What is a Powet?"e; bit is something I wanted to do as far back as Midwest Gaming Classic 2009, and then again at PAX East 2010. This was the first time we pulled it off! I'm not sure it can be topped. For instance, it's no coincidence that the graphic for this video is the composite "POWet" block and catchphrases compiled from the various guesses as to just what a Powet might be. No room for the small, flightless bird, though...

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