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TGS 2007 Special, Part 2

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Show Notes

Soul Calibur Legends is available now, and I have to admit to not being as enthralled with it as I was at TGS. I don't have a copy myself, but I do have enough access to get a good/better impression. Perhaps the mood will strike me? Clearly, we're all much more excited for Soul Calibur IV.

Legends is like some kindred spirit to Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. If that's so, then Oneechambara (or as many sites spell it, Oneechanbara) is like an unholy hybrid of both those games -- scantily-clad ladies, Wii sword combat, and killing zombies.

In case anyone is inclined to take the title even remotely seriously, even the name itself indicates its whimsical nature; Oneechan is the word for "sister" (specifically older sister), or simply "chick". Chambara is a sword battle. There are other titles in the series such as Oneechamploo and Oneechampon -- "champloo" being a stir-fry dish from Okinawa, and "champon" a regional soup that I enjoyed quite often in Nagasaki. The gameplay footage for this installment was captured from the former.

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