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Show Notes

(by Vinnk):

The “old man” otherwise known as “Grandpappy” is the first original character for Famicom Dojo. In a way he is meant to offset the constant facts this show usually presents, but also he is an extension of us. You see sometime we as gamers who have been playing since the Atari days and grew up eating Donkey Kong Cereal feel a bit like the old man. When these young wiper snappers whose first Mario game was “New Super Mario Bros.” come along we feel the need to tell them about all the classics they missed. The old man is in many ways what I fear we will become someday.

As for the old man’s costume. It is a pair of gray slacks pulled up past my waist, a cheap Santa beard left over from Christmas, a gray sweater that has seen better days, and a “Red Green: Duct Tape Forever” cap. I didn’t have suspenders so I took the straps off my laptop bag and clipped them to my slacks.

It was about 95 degrees when I filmed this and I had to turn the AC off because the wind was bothering the sound recording. It was recorded in segments and twice I had to take off the costume, shower, and then go back to filming.

The art was done by 4cr staff member Mitch. He had done little doodles for 4cr posts in the past and I asked if he could do some more based of my script for the old man segment. I just needed something to break up my long and visually uninteresting monologue. What he gave me was far beyond my expectations. These drawings are hilarious and fit the theme perfectly. One is my desktop wallpaper right now.

You can download them here at 4colorrebellion.

This is a quite different from our first two episodes and we are very anxious to hear what you think about it.

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