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Back to the Future Part III Warp Code

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Show Notes

Listeners of the Famicom Dojo VIdeo Game Podcast have known for a while that we really, really love Back to the Future. The NES games not so much, but they're still part of the bedrock of our childhood gaming experience.

It was weird enough that the game was called Back to the Future Part II & III, but even weirder when we realized that neither one of us had actually played anything resembling Part III.

Fortunately, listener Justin Schober (and later -- full disclosure -- a producer for the podcast) new just how we could skip over the part of the game that vexed us and so many other gamers. And we tried it out.

It unsurprisingly was underwhelming. I mean, we'd played Part II a ton, so... we didn't know what else we could have expected. But there you go.

Have fun heading back to the past from the even less distant past. Or future. It's confusing.

Also, watch JewWario's review of Super Back to the Future Part II, because it's amazing. (And it has the Nostaglia Critic. If you're into that.)

YCPT 3.17 - Super Back to the Future Part II

by JewWario
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