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Stuff Vinnk Sent Me

Sometimes Vinnk sends stuff to Sean. Sometimes Sean it too excited to do a ridiculous video with talking consoles to show off that stuff.


MSX 2 (Panasonic A1 Mk. II)

Famicom Dojo Channel MSX 2 (Panasonic A1 Mk. II)

Vinnk sent Sean a boxed MSX 2! We show you the unboxing, and compare an original MSX version of King's Knight to the NES version.


Famicom Dojo Channel Satellaview

Somehow, Vinnk found a boxed Satellaview. These beasts are rare, since when the St. Giga satellite service shut down you could essentially send back the Sate...

Family Trainer Series

Famicom Dojo Channel Family Trainer Series

Sean completes his Family Trainer collection of all 10 games.

Hyper Olympic and Hyper Sports for MSX

Famicom Dojo Channel Hyper Olympic and Hyper Sports for MSX

Sean plays the MSX port of the Track and Field games, released on five separate cartridges.

Super Back to the Future Part II

Famicom Dojo Channel Super Back to the Future Part II

Sean explains some of the history of the game, and reviews the first level as compared to contemporary Back to the Future titles.

Link Between Worlds 3DS XL

Famicom Dojo Channel Link Between Worlds 3DS XL

Sean sends Vinnk something he needs, for a change.

ASCII TurboFile for Famicom

Famicom Dojo Channel ASCII TurboFile for Famicom

Is the ASCII TurboFile really compatible with Castle Excellent? We find out!

Famicom AV Mod

Famicom Dojo Channel Famicom AV Mod

Vinnk sends Sean yet another Famicom... but this one is special. But is it as special as Sean thinks it is?


Famicom Dojo Channel Parodius

Sean plays some Parodius, and shows off a couple of the games that it parodies. (Thanks, Vinnk!)

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