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Retro Video Game History

Beginning with the third generation of consoles after the North American video game crash, follow the history of the console industry on both sides of the Pacific.


Famicom and Disk System

Season 1 DVD Famicom and Disk System

For our first episode, we introduce the namesake of the show, and Nintendo's first independent effort at a home video console that would soon become a househ...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Battery Backup

Season 1 DVD Battery Backup

In episode two, we take a look at how the Famicom Disk System revolutionized console gaming (despite never being released outside of Japan), and the subseque...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Nintendo Has Moxie

Season 1 DVD Nintendo Has Moxie

Our third episode introduces two new segments: Grandpappy's first Videogram about the Nintendo Enertainment System, and the mailbag -- where we answer your q...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Cartridges and Pins

Season 1 DVD Cartridges and Pins

In this episode, we talk about the pin differences between Famicom and NES carts, Nintendo's big plans for an NES add-on, and its unintended consequences.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Microphone Roundup

Season 1 DVD Microphone Roundup

In our penultimate episode of Season 1, Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about the many uses of the Famicom Microphone and the games developed for it.

Family Computer (Famicom)
Twin Famicoms

Season 1 DVD Twin Famicoms

Wrapping up the first season, we bring to the fore the console that has been lurking around in the background all season, the Sharp Twin Famicom! Check out...

Turbo Twin Famicom
Sega Family Tree Special

SeanOrange Channel Sega Family Tree Special

The NES explains to Jr. how he met his mother, albeit in a roundabout way that could potentially go on for years and years. Good thing the Famicom was there...

Sega Master System (SMS)
What Nintendon't

SeanOrange Channel What Nintendon't

With Sean indisposed, self-appointed Sega guru Sindra teams up with Vinnk to explain the rise of the Mega Drive and Genesis to de-throne Nintendo as the reig...

The Angry PC Engine Nerd

SeanOrange Channel The Angry PC Engine Nerd

We get a visit from the Angry PC Engine Nerd, who is more than happy to explain that HudsonSoft and NEC were the true forerunners of the 16-bit wars, despite...

The Neo Geo Affair

SeanOrange Channel The Neo Geo Affair

Vinnk reveals his decade-long tryst with SNK's Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System, the one console in the 16-bit generation that made good on its promise...

Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System (AES)
Famicom 3D System

SeanOrange Channel Famicom 3D System

With the release of the 3DS in Japan, we take a look at Nintendo's first attempt at 3D gaming almost 25 years ago. (Hint: it's NOT the Virt

SegaScope 3-D

SeanOrange Channel SegaScope 3-D

The SegaScope-3D came out at the same time as Nintendo's Famicom 3D System, but Sega saw fit to release their peripheral in the US as well. Also in stark co...

Family Computer (Famicom)

Famicom Dojo Channel Family Computer (Famicom)

What would Famicom Dojo be like without the annoying humans and none of the stupid jokes?

Famicom Data Recorder and NES Programmable Series

Famicom Dojo Channel Famicom Data Recorder and NES Programmable Series

Before the Famicom Disk System, these four games were the only ones that could save data... with a tape deck.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Famicom Dojo Channel Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

The NES is 30 years old!

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