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On the Go

The things Sean and Vinnk find when we're out and about. Oh, the many, many things...


AppBlaster (by AppToyz)

SeanOrange Channel AppBlaster (by AppToyz)

Vinnk reviews the AppBlaster peripheral and games for iPhone at Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Sega Beena

SeanOrange Channel Sega Beena

If you thought that Sega stopped making consoles after Dreamcast you were right. And also a little wrong.

Retro Game Shop Walkthrough (Mangasouko)

SeanOrange Channel Retro Game Shop Walkthrough (Mangasouko)

Vinnk travels to Mangasouko, a "recycle shop" where the second floor is all retro games. This is the Famicom section.

Vinnk Finds a Bio Sensor for N64

SeanOrange Channel Vinnk Finds a Bio Sensor for N64

Vinnk explores a store with retro on the decline. This shop used to have a very large retro section but since the last time Vinnk visited the store has rele...


SeanOrange Channel Anpanman

Vinnk visits a Guru Guru Anpanman machine, and gets a sweet card. And his daughter really likes it.

Hudson Soft BeePak and BeeCard for MSX

SeanOrange Channel Hudson Soft BeePak and BeeCard for MSX

This thin cartridge is the predecessor to the HuCards found in Hudson Soft's PC Engine and TurboGrafix-16 consoles. Made for the MSX in Japan, Hudson cut it...

UFO Catcher (Super Mario Bros. 3 for Famicom)

SeanOrange Channel UFO Catcher (Super Mario Bros. 3 for Famicom)

Vinnk plays a crane game in Akihabara, trying to "catch" a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 for Famicom. Hilarity ensues.

Aru Aru City Idol

SeanOrange Channel Aru Aru City Idol

Outside a store in Aru Aru City, Japan, something you'd probably not see in many other countries -- in glorious HD!

Sailor Moon S

SeanOrange Channel Sailor Moon S

Hiro plays against Vinnk's daughter in a fight to the virtual death!

Bomberman Misobon Roulette

Famicom Dojo Channel Bomberman Misobon Roulette

Hudson Soft may have gone to Konami, but Bomberman lives on. In arcades. Sort of.

Used Game Treasures (Super Rambo)

Famicom Dojo Channel Used Game Treasures (Super Rambo)

Japanese gamers take much better care of their games and systems than US gamers do. Sometimes you'll even find little extras hidden inside the case, like Vi...

Famicom Games With Lights

Famicom Dojo Channel Famicom Games With Lights

In Japan, Famicom cartridges varied in style far more than NES games did. Irem developed a particularly distinct style with its cream-colored cartridges and...

Famicom Disk System Treasures (and Tribulations)

Famicom Dojo Channel Famicom Disk System Treasures (and Tribulations)

Famicom Disk System collecting is a double-edged sword. No, that's not a floppy disk joke. Wait... yes it was.

Super Play Computer (Famicom Clone)

Famicom Dojo Channel Super Play Computer (Famicom Clone)

Let's Play Game. Everybody Gets Fun.

Sega and 3DO Disc Variations

Famicom Dojo Channel Sega and 3DO Disc Variations

Vinnk collects a lot of copies of the same games. Well, mostly the same.

Gaming Generations

Famicom Dojo Channel Gaming Generations

Vinnk stops by the first retro game store he's visited in the US for the last decade.

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