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Famicom BASICS (Season 1) - Famicom Dojo

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Famicom BASICS (Season 1)

Everything you need to know about the origins of the Family Computer, Famicom Disk System, and Twin Famicom in the first season of Famicom Dojo!


Famicom and Disk System

Season 1 DVD Famicom and Disk System

For our first episode, we introduce the namesake of the show, and Nintendo's first independent effort at a home video console that would soon become a househ...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Battery Backup

Season 1 DVD Battery Backup

In episode two, we take a look at how the Famicom Disk System revolutionized console gaming (despite never being released outside of Japan), and the subseque...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Nintendo Has Moxie

Season 1 DVD Nintendo Has Moxie

Our third episode introduces two new segments: Grandpappy's first Videogram about the Nintendo Enertainment System, and the mailbag -- where we answer your q...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Cartridges and Pins

Season 1 DVD Cartridges and Pins

In this episode, we talk about the pin differences between Famicom and NES carts, Nintendo's big plans for an NES add-on, and its unintended consequences.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Microphone Roundup

Season 1 DVD Microphone Roundup

In our penultimate episode of Season 1, Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about the many uses of the Famicom Microphone and the games developed for it.

Family Computer (Famicom)
Twin Famicoms

Season 1 DVD Twin Famicoms

Wrapping up the first season, we bring to the fore the console that has been lurking around in the background all season, the Sharp Twin Famicom! Check out...

Turbo Twin Famicom


Wii Day Launch Special

Season 1 DVD Wii Day Launch Special

After interviewing people at other stores, Caleb and Sean stand in line at Madison West Side Target for two of 111 available Wii consoles. As they do, they l...

TGS 2007 Special, Part 1

Season 1 DVD TGS 2007 Special, Part 1

Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about: 1) No More Heroes; 2) Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles; 3) Wii Family Trainer; 4) Doko de mo yoga. Check out this special...

TGS 2007 Special, Part 2

Season 1 DVD TGS 2007 Special, Part 2

Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about: 5) Soul Calibur Legends; 6) Oneechambara-R; 7) Final Fantasy IV DS; 8) The Sony Presser. Check out part 2 of this special ep...

TGS 2007 Special, Part 3

Season 1 DVD TGS 2007 Special, Part 3

Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about: 9) the Microsoft Booth; 10) the Retro Video Game Awards; 11) Pixel Junk Racers; 12) and our final thoughts! Check out the th...

Convention Tour 2008 Special

Season 1 DVD Convention Tour 2008 Special

SeanOrange and Vinnk go around the globe promoting Famicom Dojo! Check out some of our trips to No Brand Con, Geek.Kon, Tokyo Game Show, and DaishoCon!

Season 1 Bloopers

Season 1 DVD Season 1 Bloopers

Mistakes, outtakes, and unused scenes from the first Season of Famicom Dojo!


Season 1 Promo (Hosts)

Season 1 DVD Season 1 Promo (Hosts)

Two hosts from opposite sides of the track. Two consoles from opposite sides of the Pacific. In an internet TV show that breaks all the rules. Famicom Doj...

Video Netcast Promo

Season 1 DVD Video Netcast Promo

Sean introduces you to the Famicom Dojo video netcast! Check out full-TV resolution versions of our YouTube videos, with full episodes of the upcoming Season...

DaishoCon 2008 Promo

Season 1 DVD DaishoCon 2008 Promo

Come see Sean at DaishoCon 2008 in Stevens Point, WI, and have a chance to be the first to see the newest episode of Famicom Dojo!

Season 1 Finale Promo

Season 1 DVD Season 1 Finale Promo

Coming this Christmas, an event that will shake the Dojo to its very core: the Famicom Dojo Season 1 finale!

Denshimail Promo

Season 1 DVD Denshimail Promo

Starting in January 2009, we'll be answering your questions in our new Famicom Denshimail segment. Send your questions to us at

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