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Famicom 30th Anniversary (Season 3) - Famicom Dojo

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Famicom 30th Anniversary (Season 3)

We explore Famicom peripherals and their exclusive games, many of which were never released outside of Japan.

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Minus Worlds

Famicom Dojo Channel Minus Worlds

The Minus World is very real! But did you know that there is more than one? Vinnk and Sean explore the NES and Famicom cartridge version, as well as the Fa...

Turtle Tipping

Famicom Dojo Channel Turtle Tipping

Learn how to get as many extra lives as your little plumber heart desires.


Family Computer (Famicom)

Famicom Dojo Channel Family Computer (Famicom)

What would Famicom Dojo be like without the annoying humans and none of the stupid jokes?

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