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We answer your questions about retro gaming and subject brought up in other Famicom Dojo videos.


Famicom Power Adapters (2009/03/09)

SeanOrange Channel Famicom Power Adapters (2009/03/09)

SeanOrange and Vinnk explain why using the NES AC power supply with a Famicom is a bad, terrible idea, and what alternatives you may have if your trusty DC F...

Family Computer (Famicom)
Famicom Disk System Batteries (2009/03/23)

SeanOrange Channel Famicom Disk System Batteries (2009/03/23)

This week we talk about why the Famicom Disk System is able to use six AA batteries, and whether or not the battery tray is a viable solution for your Famico...

Family Computer (Famicom)
Famicom Hookups (2009/04/13)

SeanOrange Channel Famicom Hookups (2009/04/13)

We explain how to hook up your Famicom (RF) or Twin (AV) to your TV. NOTE: These instructions are for North American NTSC sets ONLY. We intend to cover NTS...

Family Computer (Famicom)
Famicom Homebrew (2009/04/27)

SeanOrange Channel Famicom Homebrew (2009/04/27)

Together at a convention for the first time since Tokyo Game Show 2007, SeanOrange and Vinnk field a question about homebrew Famicom games at No Brand Con 2...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Rare Games (2009/09/28)

SeanOrange Channel Rare Games (2009/09/28)

Vinnk scours the Rising Stuff store for the rarest Famicom game/accessory he has available: the FMC Disk Checker! Also, Sean shares his collection of Rare g...

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Famicom Stacking

SeanOrange Channel Famicom Stacking

The Famicom is able to sit on top of the Disk System, but is there any way to keep it locked into that position like most of the other console add-ons known...

Family Computer (Famicom)
Sega Power Base Compatibility

SeanOrange Channel Sega Power Base Compatibility

In this Denshimail, we answer some questions about the Sega Power Base Converter's compatibility with different versions of the Sega Genesis, and one game th...

Famicom Controller Replacement

SeanOrange Channel Famicom Controller Replacement

Famicom controllers have nice, metal faceplates, but they're prone to scratching, discoloration, and the paint flaking off. Even if you can find a new one,...

Family Computer (Famicom)
Back to the Future Part III Warp Code

Famicom Dojo Channel Back to the Future Part III Warp Code

You've got to come back with us! Back... to the NES.

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