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Tokyo Game Show 2011 - Tokyo Game Show

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Tokyo Game Show 2011

Sean and Vinnk return together to the Tokyo Game Show.


Akihabara Haul

SeanOrange Channel Akihabara Haul

It's the day before Tokyo Game Show (well, the day of as of this recording and post), and Sean has gone to Akihabara to increase his stock of awesome retro g...

Day 1 Report

SeanOrange Channel Day 1 Report

A summary of our first day's activities. Sean got his hands on Mass Effect 3 and Sonic Generations. Vinnk tried out Puyo Puyo. Both were able to score some t...

Day 2 Report

SeanOrange Channel Day 2 Report

Sean played a lot of fighters (Street Fighter x Tekken, Soul Calibur V, BlazBlue), and Vinnk got his hands on Monster Hunter -- as well as the new control ex...

Public Days Report

SeanOrange Channel Public Days Report

Sean and Vinnk talk about the two public days of the show from their loving hovel at Retro Game Friends in Akihabara, how absolutely crowded it is on the sho...


PS Vita Impressions

SeanOrange Channel PS Vita Impressions

Sean and Vinnk get their respective pairs of hands on a couple of PS Vitas, give their reviews of the games played (Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ridge Racer respe...

Mass Effect 3

SeanOrange Channel Mass Effect 3

Sean plays a Mass Effect 3 demo at Tokyo Game Show 2011. Does it stack up to the previous installments? Not a lot of surprises, but some interesting facts ab...

Sonic Generations (and Puyo Puyo)

SeanOrange Channel Sonic Generations (and Puyo Puyo)

Vinnk tries out the 20th Anniversary edition of Puyo Puyo on the 3DS, and Sean plays Sonic Generations for PS3 and 3DS -- all of them in 3D! Sean also...

Street Fighter X Tekken

SeanOrange Channel Street Fighter X Tekken

Sean brings his not-so-considerable skills to bear in Street Fighter X Tekken (that's pronounced "e;Street Fighter cross Tekken"e; for those curious)...

Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS

SeanOrange Channel Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS

Vinnk reviews Monster Hunter 3G (pronounced "Tri-G"), and gives his impressions of the new 3DS control expansion, which adds a second circle pad and two more...

Soul Calibur V

SeanOrange Channel Soul Calibur V

Sean plays Soul Calibur V, and tries to bring his existing Soul Calibur experience to bear to understand the mechanics of the new game... and at least PARTIA...


Gloops (and LegendCards)

SeanOrange Channel Gloops (and LegendCards)

Vinnk interviews the reps at the Gloops booth, and tries out Legend Cards on an iPhone.

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers

SeanOrange Channel Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers

We interview Wizards of the Coast Japan about their new video game based on Magic: The Gathering. For now the title is Playstation Network-only, and is mean...

Media Magic's Evangelion (with Asuka and Rei)

SeanOrange Channel Media Magic's Evangelion (with Asuka and Rei)

See what Asuka Langley Soryu and Rei Ayanami have to say about their new mobile Neon Genesis Evangelion game from Media Magic! No sign of Mari Illustrious Ma...

Moonga - Light and Darkness

SeanOrange Channel Moonga - Light and Darkness

Vinnk interviews an Angel about this digitally-based collectible card game... without any actual cards!


Mommy Tummy (Serious Game!)

SeanOrange Channel Mommy Tummy (Serious Game!)

Vinnk gets strapped with a contraption by the Kanagawa Institute of Technology that simulates the ups and downs (oh, the downs!) of pregnancy, including: big...

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