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Tokyo Game Show 2007 - Tokyo Game Show

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Tokyo Game Show 2007

Famicom Dojo's first year abroad and at Tokyo Game Show.


Miyamoto Taisho

SeanOrange Channel Miyamoto Taisho

Miyamoto wins the Taisho prize for Super Mario Bros. from Game Center CX at the Tokyo Game Show! His prize? Playing World 1-1 in front of a crowd of adoring...

TGS 2007 Special, Part 1

Season 1 DVD TGS 2007 Special, Part 1

Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about: 1) No More Heroes; 2) Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles; 3) Wii Family Trainer; 4) Doko de mo yoga. Check out this special...

TGS 2007 Special, Part 2

Season 1 DVD TGS 2007 Special, Part 2

Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about: 5) Soul Calibur Legends; 6) Oneechambara-R; 7) Final Fantasy IV DS; 8) The Sony Presser. Check out part 2 of this special ep...

TGS 2007 Special, Part 3

Season 1 DVD TGS 2007 Special, Part 3

Vinnk and SeanOrange talk about: 9) the Microsoft Booth; 10) the Retro Video Game Awards; 11) Pixel Junk Racers; 12) and our final thoughts! Check out the th...


SNK Breaking News

SeanOrange Channel SNK Breaking News

Straight from the Tokyo Game Show 2007 floor, Vinnk reports on some exciting Wii news from SNK.

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