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Vinnk-Con - MAGFest

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Every year Sean goes to MAGFest, Vinnk holds a convention of his own.


Vinnk-Con 2012

Famicom Dojo Channel Vinnk-Con 2012

Sean has gone to MAGFest 2012, but since Vinnk is in Japan and can't participate, he's at an exclusive event of his own!

Vinnk-Con 2013

SeanOrange Channel Vinnk-Con 2013

Vinnk-Con returns for its second glorious year! This time, the convention has expanded into more of Vinnk's hallway, features an all-new video game museum,...

Vinnk-Con 2015

Famicom Dojo Channel Vinnk-Con 2015

After a year hiatus, Vinnk-Con returns at a new venue!

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