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MAGFest XI 2013 - MAGFest

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MAGFest XI 2013

Sean and Sindra return to DC for the 11th annual Music and Gaming Festival!


Famicom Data Recorder and Keyboard

SeanOrange Channel Famicom Data Recorder and Keyboard

Sean stopped by the Mad-Gear booth in the vendor room to peruse the wares, and what did he find? Well, lots of things (more on that later), but this is just...


Vinnk-Con 2013

SeanOrange Channel Vinnk-Con 2013

Vinnk-Con returns for its second glorious year! This time, the convention has expanded into more of Vinnk's hallway, features an all-new video game museum,...

Elevation Burger

SeanOrange Channel Elevation Burger

Sean takes a break from MAGFest 2013 for a little dinner: a 5-patty high Vertical Burger. Can he finish the whole thing?

Gashapon Roulette (with FanGamer)

Powet.TV Network Channel Gashapon Roulette (with FanGamer)

Sean stopped by the Fangamer booth to pick up some sweet Legend playing cards (and they are indeed sweet!), plus a token to win a... what, Gashapon raffle? G...

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