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MAGFest X 2012 - MAGFest

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MAGFest X 2012

Sindra and Sean tackle DC for the 10th annual MAGFest!


Weekday Report

Powet.TV Network Channel Weekday Report

Sean and Sindra break down the first two days of MAGFest 2012, and preview what they'll be up to over the weekend. Will Sindra crash a certain popular...

Weekend Report

Powet.TV Network Channel Weekend Report

Sindra and Sean meet up with Powet.TV's Extra Zero, Yertle, and some Famicom Dojo fans to tear up Saturday night at MAGFest X! Sindra crashes the Brentalflo...


Earthbound Papas feat. Nobuo Uematsu

Powet.TV Network Channel Earthbound Papas feat. Nobuo Uematsu

Sindra managed to get prime viewing for the Earthbound Papas performance at MAGfest X, and captured their entrance and first song!


Random Encounter

Powet.TV Network Channel Random Encounter

Sean stops by the Random Encounter Booth in the MAGFest X marketplace to talk to Careless about their "friendly" competition to beat the Descendants of Erdri...

Fizz Man Industries

Powet.TV Network Channel Fizz Man Industries

We chat with Benjamin Howard, proprietor and principal talent behind Fizz Man Industries, and just what it takes to create such sweet gaming-based sculture a...


Vinnk-Con 2012

Famicom Dojo Channel Vinnk-Con 2012

Sean has gone to MAGFest 2012, but since Vinnk is in Japan and can't participate, he's at an exclusive event of his own!

A Dance Most Fowl

Powet.TV Network Channel A Dance Most Fowl

A dude in a chicken suit dances a crazy dance mere feet away from a bunch of serious-looking people in actual suits. Welcome to MAGFest!

Earl Gray Mark III

SeanOrange Channel Earl Gray Mark III

Sean is looking for some retro game goodies at the Mad Gear booth in the MAGFest 2012 Marketplace, but Earl Gray III walks off with the best haul! What's a r...

Richter Belmont vs. Brentalfloss

Sindra's Channel Richter Belmont vs. Brentalfloss

MAGfest X was a fantastic festival of gaming and music for almost all involved, but for a certain vampire hunting professional, it was a quest to regain the...

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