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MAGFest 2011 - MAGFest

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MAGFest 2011

Sean goes it alone at MAGFest 9.


Day 1 Haul (and Other Stuff)

Powet.TV Network Channel Day 1 Haul (and Other Stuff)

SeanOrange talks about his sweet haul from the MAGFest 2011 Marketplace, and teases some more video goodness coming down the pipe.

Day 2 Haul

Powet.TV Network Channel Day 2 Haul

SeanOrange catches up on an item he missed from Thursday (and re-enacts his experience at the DJ Cutman booth), plus a couple of other goodies. Not as many t...


Not TheSpoonyOne

SeanOrange Channel Not TheSpoonyOne

In a newest wrinkle expanding the size of my annual convention circuit, Sean finds that he is confused more and more for Noah Antwiler, a.k.a. "The Spoony On...

Magnificent Beards

SeanOrange Channel Magnificent Beards

While waiting in line to pre-register for MAGFest 2011, Sean noticed that many fine gentlemen had lovely locks of hair growing from their faces. To kill time...

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