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168: The Price of Gaming Is $70 for new games reasonable inflation, or still overpriced when most games go to deep discounts after a few weeks?

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Famicom Dojo will train your game knowledge and skills about the early days of video gaming history. Beginning with the Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System, through the 16-bit wars with the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, HudsonSoft and NEC's lovechildren PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16, and -- yes -- even the SNK's Neo-Geo, we chart a course across both sides of the Pacific to explain where your favorite video games come from, the intricate path of how they got here, and why the heck you need to hold down the reset button when turning off a battery-backup cartridge.

(Actually, we haven't specifically addressed that one yet, but that's a REALLY good idea!)

Returning students should begin with Season 2, but if you need some remedial training, Season 1 will take you through. If you have completed your training thus far, keep listening to the Podcast for new tips and tricks, as well as for when new training materials will be released.

Enjoy your stay. Just please remember to take of your shoes first.

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