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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

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1985-1995 - Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), 1985
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Model No.:
Release Date:
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
3rd Generation (8-bit)
2 (expandable to 4)
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The Nintendo Entertainment System was released to North America not long after the video game crash, a time when the market was... perilous at best. Heavily redesign from the original Family Computer released in Japan two years prior, the NES was marketed across the Pacific as more of a toy. It was originally sold in toy stores, and was packaged with R.O.B. (short for Robotic Operating Buddy) to help complete the image. It also looked not unlike a toaster.

The history of how the NES came to the US, and how it differs from the original Famicom, is wonderfully detailed in our ongoing video series! Check out the related videos below, or watch all of Season 1.

Included Parts

  • NES-001 - Nintendo Entertainment System
  • NES-002 - AC Power Adapter
  • NES-003 - RF Adapter
  • NES-004 - Controller (2)

Game Storage Medium

  • Cartridge


  • NES-005 - NES Zapper
  • NES-012 - R.O.B the Robot
  • NES-026 - NES Advantage
  • NES-028 - Power Pad
  • NES-032 - Satellite
  • NES-033 - Satellite Wireless Receiver
  • NES-034 - NES Four Score
  • NES-039 - Controller (Redesign)
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