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Family Computer (Famicom)

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1983 - Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Family Computer (Famicom), 1983
Family Computer (Famicom)

Model No.:
Release Date:
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
3rd Generation (8-bit)
2 (included)

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The Family Computer (Famicom, for short) was Nintendo's first independent foray into the TV gaming world. The company was no stranger to the electronics arena, having released the Color TV systems and arcade cabinets for several years beforehand. But when the Famicom was released, it was doing things no other TV console was doing at the time: excellent color depth, improved sound (with the ability for sound expansion in the future), and game paddles that were nothing like the arcade-esque joysticks released by Atari and Sega. While hardly the first, the Family Computer would go on to become the best of its generation.

The history of the release of the Famicom, its features, and how it changed when it came to the US as the NES, is wonderfully detailed in our ongoing video series! Check out the related videos below, or watch all of Season 1.

Included Parts

  • HVC-001 - Family Computer
  • HVC-002 - AC/DC Power Adapter
  • HVC-003 - RF Switch

Game Storage Medium

  • Cartridge



  • HVC-005 - Light Gun
  • HVC-007 - Family Basic Keyboard
  • HVC-008 - Data Recorder
  • HVC-012 - R.O.B. the Robot
  • HVC-031 - Famicom 3D System
  • HVC-050 - Network System
  • HVC-102 - Controller (Redesign)
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